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New Kia Soul EV is happening after all

Set to be revealed in November at the Los Angeles motor show, Kia has confirmed the 2020 Soul EV will be completely redesigned. The compact crossover will arrive in the second half of 2019, and... Continue reading ->
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5000th Kia Soul EV sold worldwide

Over the summer, Kia sold its 5000th Soul Electric Vehicle, and by the end of August 2015, sales were at 5,399 worldwide! The Soul EV has been in production for about 1 year, and is sold mainly in a few countries. Through the end of August 2015, here are the numbers for the different countries: […]

Kia accelerates roll-out plan for Soul EV

Originally, the Kia Soul EV went on sale in California in October 2014 with Oregon and some East Coast markets to follow. However, stronger than expected demand has caused Kia to want to scale up production faster than their factories can handle. “For the next stage, we were originally planning on hitting the east coast, […]

Kia starts installing 100 kW CHAdeMO chargers in Europe

Ahead of the fall launch of the Kia Soul EV in 14 European countries, Kia recently installed two 100 kW DC fast chargers at its European headquarters in Frankfurt. With a 100 kW charger, the 27 kWh Soul electric vehicle’s battery pack can be charger from empty to 80% in as little as 25 minutes. […]