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Video: EVSE with grid monitoring vs 2000W water kettle. Will it prevent trip breakers?

Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:40 am

A test of my 16A 1-phase charger with Grid Monitoring https://www.facebook.com/EVSEChargerAccelev/
Sorry for a shitty quality, I did that with my old iPhone ;)

Car loads with a max speed of 16A, as the breaker is 16A. Then I start a water kettle (2000W) - once with Grid Monitoring at charger is on the second time - off. I restart charging, as charger needs 1 minute to go back to full speed after switching off the kettle.
The charger detects load (water kettle) and immediately slows down charging. Without that function (with cheap Chinese chargers like Duosida or Zencar) - breakers will be switched off because of grid overload.


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