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Towing capacity

Mon Apr 26, 2021 7:35 am

I am very interested in buying a new e-Soul. This will be my first ev; I already did a test drive and I was indeed very impressed.

There is one small issue that troubles me: the e-Soul "officially" has no towing capacity. I find this odd since in my country the e-niro does have a towing capacity, albeit just 100kg. It is also confusing that in some sites the e-niro towing capacity is given as 2800 lbs (around 1270 kg). Hence, it's relatively clear this is a legal, rather than a technical issue.

There is the fact that an EV is heavier than a diesel (the batteries...), which could limit the total towing capacity, since this is related to the total weight (vehicle plus trailer).

Also, instant torque, when total weight is high could in theory damage something. But this again would only justify a decrease in maximum towing capacity. And also, speaking of instant torque and power, the Tesla 3 has a towing capacity of 910 kg.

There is, at least in my country (Portugal), the possibility to ask for a test to add a tow hitch to a car's specification.

Does anyone know of anyone who was able to overcome this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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