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2016 needs Onboard Charger

I've just been informed that my 2016 EV Soul needs a need onboard charger and there was some coolant fluid on it. It was the last service 8 months ago with no issues. I'm told because I purchased this as a used car, the cost of replacing it will be out of my pocket and not covered under warranty. I'm looking at $3K for the part and $1K for the labor. Does this sound typical? Is this a typical issue? The warranty on this part is 1 year, 1,000 miles. I'm thinking this doesn't sound good and is probably not worth it. I do have an extended warranty through Mercury Mechanical production. I have no idea if they will cover it.
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Re: 2016 needs Onboard Charger

I had to replace mine this winter. I was outside of the 160,000km EV powertrain warranty coverage and paid ~$4,000.

Double check that claim that you're not covered because you bought it used. Mines used, and was a taxi prior, yet Kia footed the bill when it came to replacing the battery pack under warranty. I'm from Canada so Kia America for example might have a different policy, but that would seem..strange.

Best of luck!
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Re: 2016 needs Onboard Charger

I haven’t studied the job on a SOUL EV, but have swapped in salvaged chargers on the I-MiEV and early LEAF without trouble. $400 at the junkyard and no reprogramming required.
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Re: 2016 needs Onboard Charger

I think the issue with a DIY swap is the bleeding of the coolant system afterwards. I don't think anyone knows the codes to trigger the water pump, and without proper bleeding then the air bubbles could cause electronics both in the OBC and the power control to overheat and burn out.

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