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Refill Coolant warning

I have a 2020 Soul EV and have been getting an intermittent warning to refill my coolant. The coolant level has not changed since I bought my car new. The service department at my dealership - Applewood Langley say it is a known problem but they haven't come up with a fix yet and to call back in a month. Monitoring my coolant level in the meantime. Does anyone have any knowledge about this?
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Re: Refill Coolant warning

My KIA Soul EV 2020 started doing the same thing in Aug 2022. It has been a constant fight with the dealership to get this resolved, but they keep reassuring us that the car is driveable and this isn't a safety issue.

In Nov 2022 the dealership said they heard back from KIA and this is a known issue and that there's a software fix for it. In order to apply the software fix however, the dealership will need a 'specialist tool' from Kia......it's now Feb 2023 and the dealership is still reporting that the tool is in transit to them and will hopefully arrive soon.

I'll update this discussion if/when we ever do get this software fix applied to our car.
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Re: Refill Coolant warning

I have the same issue - sporadic "Refill Coolant" warnings - on my 2020 Soul EV.

I usually see them during really hot Summer days. More recently, though, I got one in the dead of Winter. In 3.5 years, it's cropped up maybe a half dozen times.

The error goes away by itself quickly enough.

A visual inspection of the Coolant reservoir shows it is within normal fill ranges - so this is a sensor bug, it seems.

The Dealer would be right then. The warning is annoying, but can be safely ignored.

Warning - the coolant used is very specific, so I would make double sure of having the right stuff before topping up.

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