Are rear passengers’ window and seat heater controls supposed to be backlit?

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Feb 4, 2020
Surrey BC
I never noticed this before and now I’m wondering if the rear seat window and seat heater controls are backlit or illuminated? I know the front seat ones are.

The other night, well after sunset, my rear seated passengers asked me where the seat heater controls are. I said “Right in front of the window controls.” To which they said “And where are those?” I told them they are backlit or illuminated, and on the door near the door handle. “Found them, but none of these controls are backlit or illuminated - we just had to feel around for them.”

Did Kia cheap out and only backlight the front seat controls or do I need to hunt for a blown fuse?

Can anyone please confirm?

Did you ever find out about the "non illuminated" rear seat controls? I was wondering the same.

I have checked on Facebook and had only one response and that was they too had no lights on the switches. It is hard to imagine that they would not be capable of being illuminated since they have power.

Maybe the switches are cheaper without illumination?

I found the replacement switch and have written asking if it has red illumination. ( Part Number: 933402K500 )