HV battery swap - miles not changing

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Mar 18, 2023
Hey Guys!😁
I’m having issue with the guess-o-meter. I’ve changed the HV battery for a bigger one, but it still shows the old battery’s range. I’ve did around 15-20 cycles (<10% ->> 100%) but it didnt change. The old battery could go 140km (86 miles), now the new one can do 260km (162 miles) Any idea how to “reset” the guessed range?
I think the BMS needs a software upgrade to tell it what the capacity of the new battery is. Afaik, the only people who can do that are KIA dealers, but you may get told that its not possible - it may depend on what restrictions are incorporated in the software of the KIA Maintenance System.
Does the car actually go 240km now ? What does the range-meter say when you drop below zero?
Not only that but how did you "request" or opt for a bigger battery in the Soul? Which model year do you have?
I just completed a warranty battery swap on a 2016 Soul EV and it appears to be the standard 125km - 150km battery.
Just a guess, but the replacement battery must have many more cells than the original, so does the BMSneed to be changed to one compatible with the bigger battery, and does the harness between the battery and BMS also need to be changed to allow the BMS to address the extra cells?