SOH not matching estimated range... cold or another issue?

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Apr 10, 2022
Hi - I'm trying to diagnose if the disparity between what my 2016 Soul's range "should" be and what it displays is due to the cold or if I just bought a lemon.

In March I purchased a 2016 Soul EV used. At the dealership doing the test drive the range estimate was showing around the 150km as expected for this vehicle new. Great, I thought. But when I picked it up later, it was down to 100km. The dealership gave me a story about how it was the cold doing this, and paperwork showing a 93% battery state of health. I figured maybe the car was stored indoors prior to the test drive, and the battery since cooled down. (All numbers here are without the heat on.)

But now it's spring in Canada and well above zero most of the time. 93% would get me closer to 140 km, but the car is consistently showing around 110km. A 30 km differential is not trivial.

I used to own a 2011 Leaf, and the range estimate there never really accounted for cold well when starting up. i've checked other posts here, but what I can't seem to figure out is if the Soul system is more sophisticated about callibrating for cold, or if something weird is going on.

Just bought the OBDII and it's indeed showing 93% SoH and no DTC codes.

Any thoughts or things to look for would be appreciated. The dealership said to get back to them in spring if the range didn't claw back up, and I want to go more informed than I am.
I have a 30 kWh model with 102% SOH. The GOM shows 150 miles in Summer (average say 25degC) and 120 in Winter (say 5degC), without heating and aircon (the GOM typically shows 8 or 10 miles more in that case).
So, for your car, those values would be multiplied by 93/102*27/30, i.e. 197 and 157km without heating and aircon, or about 180 and 140 with. But only if you drive and heat the car like I do.

The bigger question is "What mileage are you actually getting?" A lot depends on how you use the car - speed, heating setting, etc. The GOM takes past performance into account. Next time you recharge, reset the miles/kWh indicator. When you later recharge to 100%, note the m/kWh and the GOM prediction.
Multiply the m/kWh by 0.93 and 27 to get the "whole battery" range based on your last cycle, and compare that to the GOM. You should get reasonably close agreement (say within 5%). If you do, the GOM is working well, and the value represents the way you use the car.

However, if the weather (or usage) has changed appreciably quite recently, the GOM will require a few cycles to catch up with the changed conditions, as it averages over a longish period.

(I used miles, not km, but you get the idea).