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Just picked up Soul EV 2020 Limited

Mon May 06, 2019 9:34 am

I've returned my 2016 Soul EV Luxury lease and bought Soul EV 2020 Limited with 64 kWh battery in Canada. Single color - blue, with sunroof.
From dealer words there are no dual color options in Canada.
The new car is faster, smarter and slightly longer. Cargo volume is larger, slightly more legroom, plenty of headroom, backseat armrest added.
Harman Kardon premium sound system with subwoofer, HD radio, big responsive 10.25" navigation screen. Mood lighting. Heated and cooled front power seats with 2 way lumbar support on driver side, heated back seat.
Front ultrasound sensors are gone, as well as power folding mirrors. I don't care about sensors, but liked to see mirrors close when locking the car - you could tell from distance if car is locked or not. Headrests are not adjustable front to back, but softer and more comfortable.
Finally Kia UVO in Canada! Live traffic, weather info, emergency services, remote climate and charge control, etc.
The new car feels very different - breaking is more efficient, acceleration is much faster. Smart regeneration - car slows down on its own if a car in front is slowing down. Lane keep assist, smart cruise control, pedestrian detection, etc. Steering wheel paddles allow to change regen level, turn it off completely(I love it!) or completely stop the car.
Still learning the car, but if you have any questions - ask away, I'll do my best to answer.

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Re: Just picked up Soul EV 2020 Limited

Wed May 08, 2019 12:20 pm

Thanks for the info! It sounds like a lot of new/improved features, and very few (other than folding mirrors) deleted features.

I have a 2015 Soul EV, and thinking of upgrading to the 2020 when it becomes available in the US.

How was your buying experience? I assume you bought from dealer inventory -- were the 2020's difficult to find, and did you have to hustle to buy one before being sold out? I'm assuming you paid full MSRP, and were there any additional dealer markup?

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Re: Just picked up Soul EV 2020 Limited

Wed May 08, 2019 1:30 pm

The first few Soul EVs 2020 have arrived to dealerships in Vancouver in late April. I already had $1000 deposit I put earlier, anticipating that the inventory will be low. The car is not officially released in Canada and they don't have a complete financial info yet. For instance, dealers still waiting on lease details from Kia finance.
As usual, dealer was trying to oversell with extra insurance, additional fees and raise MSRP. It wasn't a good buying experience. At the end I paid a bit more than expected and took financing instead of lease.
But I'm happy with the car and hope to keep it for a long time. No more range anxiety!
After a few days of mixed driving, estimator shows 422km(263ml) with battery charged to 90%
Planning on going for a 1500km trip next month.

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