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Kia Soul EV production for export begins

Kia Soul EV production for export Back in February, the Soul EV was unveiled at the Chicago Motor Show. At that time, Kia said the Soul EV would go on sale in the UK and select European markets in late 2014. That looks to be on track as today Kia has announced they have started production of the electric vehicle for […] Continue reading ->
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Kia starts installing 100 kW CHAdeMO chargers in Europe

Ahead of the fall launch of the Kia Soul EV in 14 European countries, Kia recently installed two 100 kW DC fast chargers at its European headquarters in Frankfurt. With a 100 kW charger, the 27 kWh Soul electric vehicle’s battery pack can be charger from empty to 80% in as little as 25 minutes. […]

Kia Soul EV gets EPA rating

The Kia Soul EV has received its official EPA ratings. The all-electric range is 93 miles – putting it higher than the Nissan LEAF’s 84 miles, the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive’s 87 miles, and the BMW i3’s 81 miles. Interestingly, in the city, the Soul electric vehicle’s city range is 103.6 miles, which puts is […]

2015 Kia Soul EV joins EZ-Charge network

Kia Motors announced its plan for the soon-to-be-available Kia Soul EV in California. Kia will use Greenlots and ABB to install new charging points at dealerships and to prepare access for customers. Kia will install 17 DC fast chargers. Currently, there are 198 DC fast charge stations in California, and according to Kia, this will […]