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Sep 16, 2019
I've been searching for a decent set of floor mats for my 2019 Soul EV, I've gotta say, I think I've finally found a good set.

After dealing with multiple suppliers that had no clue that the Soul EV mats are of different shape than the regular Soul, I stumbled upon Shark Racing. They have a great selection of accessories for a large amount of Korean vehicles.

The mats themselves are these:


They feature a 2-piece design that are connected via velcro. Cleaning is super easy, just pull them apart, run some water through them, and re-attach them.

Price was $124 USD. Shipping included.

These mats are molded to the shape of the vehicle, but mine were in fact missing some anchor attachment points.


I rectified that situation by making a 1/2 hole in the correct location, and using the anchor attachment points from the original mats. (yes they can be removed and reused)


I had to do this for the front driver side and the rear mats, but the results were worth the effort.



Well, those look nice! Looks like price has dropped to $99.

Since they are "2-ply", do you pull them apart for cleaning, and is that relatively easy?
Well shoot. You're right, the price did drop to $99 USD!

Yes. They are easily cleaned by pulling them apart. Pulling them apart is very easy. The top and bottom layers are held together by some velcro around the edges of the mats.

I also like the optional heel plate that it came with for the driver mat. I find it quite useful personally.
To provide some updates to this. Assuming you just need a set of OEM floot mats, Kia seems to be clearing them out of inventory as they are incredibly cheap right now.

E4F14-AC000 is the part number for the grey/silver mat set

I paid $30USD for the full set brand new.
I did some research when I first bought my 2016 Soul EV (used) and settled on Tuxmat for the floor mats. They are fantastic, very well made and actually curve up the sides of the interior an inch or two so that if you spill something it will be fully contained within that floor mat. They are secured with special clips. Sadly, I just looked and they do not support the first generation Soul EV anymore. Only 2020 and later. That's too bad too because they are excellent.
We got the $200 floormat from Weathertech because we get so much mud and snow in the winter. They contain a full spilled soda.