(2020 Soul EV Limited) Whirring Sound at Low Speed Accel

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Aug 17, 2021
Hello folks!

In the last week I've noticed a whirring sound when accelerating from a standstill, which fades out as I gain speed. I don't hear it when decelerating (I think). It's a new sound, previously my Soul EV has been wonderfully silent to drive.

I haven't noticed any change in the handling or other driving characteristics. I'm about to go on a long road trip (1800Km) and wonder if I should be concerned enough to take it in beforehand, or it can wait until I get back.

I did see someone elses post back in May that sounded similar in description, but their recording of the sound had expired.

I welcome any thoughts and advice.
Some of us Kona owners including myself have found that a change of gear oil clears up a whining sound. I think the Soul gearbox is much the same as in all the traditional Hyundai/Kia EVs, meaning the Kona/Niro/Soul/Ioniq. Of around 20 Kona and Niro owners who have changed their oil, 19 found it pitch-black.

It's an easy DIY, drain and refill with 1.05 L of a 70W-75 GL4 such as Redline MT-LV.