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Apr 4, 2016

My 2016 Soul EV has an AC issue.

On Friday, it took about 30 mins, 10km until the air coming out of the vent was cold (not measured - according to the driver).

On Saturday it was 35C outside and the car sat outside for many hours. The car was very hot inside. Then I used the car and turned on AC and from the beginning the temperature measured at the vent was 25C. Never really dropped or raised. It was not cycling cold then warm, only warm.

After using the car, I put it in the garage for a couple of hours and then went for a drive. The AC worked right away and the temperature measure at the vent was 12C. The car was still warm, about 27C when measuring the temperature of the dashboard. Since then the AC is working fine.

On Sunday and Monday, it appeared to work correctly, according to the driver.

The fan is working, the cabin filter is ok. Interesting note, when you first turn on the AC you can hear hissing noises from the vents (it has always done this) for a few minutes, maybe hissing is not the correct description... Saturday there was no hissing sound.

Any thoughts on what the problem could be?
Anyone know if this is common?

You are low on refrigerant. The question is where has it gone? I've had both the expansion valve and the condenser replaced on my 2016 over the past few years.

Heads up that if you take it to somewhere other than the dealer, the AC compressor is high voltage and uses a different oil that can take the high voltage. They need to use a machine that is only used for AC systems with that special oil so that it doesn't get cross contaminated.
notfred said:
You are low on refrigerant.

Can we use any of the diy cans for the time being. I brought it in last year and they replaced an o ring. It's not blowing cold again. Looking for temp fix until I have time.
I very much doubt the canned stuff is other than dangerous to the SoulEV. It probably does not comply with the electrical insulation properties necessary to a high voltage compressor. I also read somewhere that the hose fittings for the high voltage compressor system are different, so will not fit.
The Soul EV uses a special refrigerant for EVs. Also, if you use the canned stuff, nobody will service your A/C because it will come up as being contaminated in their A/C system. Not recommended.