Alarm goes off after DC fast charging.

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Jul 25, 2019
Following a DC fast charging session, when disconnecting the Chademo plug and initiating the start in my 2015 Kia Soul EV, I occasionally encounter the following problem:

The car's horn alarm activates simultaneously with rapid dashboard light blinking. The vehicle remains unresponsive to attempts to engage drive mode, rendering me unable to proceed. Repeatedly pressing the start button fails to silence the alarm. This persists for about 3 to 5 minutes before stopping. Continued start button pressing eventually enables drive engagement.

This sporadic issue defies replication, and I'm seeking advice on how to prevent or disable the alarm. Your insights would be greatly appreciated.
One guess is that the BMS has detected an overheat condition. I would try waiting a couple of minutes before pressing start - perhaps that will give enough time for the battery to cool. If it doesn't recurr, you have a fix - if not, take it to a dealer immediately after the problem, and get him to see if any fault condition is stored.

If you have SoulEV Spy or similar program, you could look foir a stored fault code, but I think the KIA diagnostics can access more data.
Maybe some problem with detecting your key (weak key battery?)? Have you tried pressing on the Start button with the keyfob itself when this occurs? That's how you start your car if the key battery dies.
This problem when it occurs always happens immediately after disconnecting the charger. Regardless of @home charging or public charging. It occurs on either DC Fast charging, Level 2 J1772, or Level 1.

To troubleshoot I have replaced the Key Fob battery and 12 Volt battery but the problem persists. It happens randomly about 3 times a year regardless of outdoor temperature, but the sequence is always the same. 1) Charge vehicle 2) Disconnect 3) Press Vehicle Start -> Engages Drive or Drive Disabled & Alarm goes off.