buying a used 2016 kia soul from carvana - does this look right

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Apr 22, 2022
Hi I'm in the process of buying a 2016 kia soul from carvana. and looking through the pictures there is a shot of the dash with the range, the bars are over 3/4 full and it is showing a range of 24 miles....does this seem right?

I cant seem to get a picture to copy over.

The range bars has 4 sections, the red is full, the next section is full the 3rd section is full and there is one bar in the 4th section and the range is 24 miles.

i suspect that I would rule this car out based upon that picture, but if you can arrange a test drive you may be able to see the Battery SOH using an app and an OBD dongle. of course, the easiest way to know the capacity is to arrange a test drive of at least 20 miles in a straight line. highway mile markers work good. at the end of the ride look at the range and simple subtraction will give you a good estimate of what it an do in the real world.
I agree. Unless the price is really so low that it's worth taking a chance that you can get a replacement battery under warranty, walk away. You have to ask why the owner hasn't already done that. Perhaps KIA has refused because the periodic maintenance has not been done?
Battery is shot if it's showing that for range. Unless you're able to get it replaced under warranty, pass.