12V battery in 2016 Kia Soul EV keeps dying

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I replaced the 12V on my 2018 last winter because I didn't want my wife to deal with a dead battery. I think anything over 5 years is iffy.

So, yes, replace it ASAP. Our EV's take a regular gas Soul battery and it's an easy job.
8 years is a good service life for a lead-acid battery, so yes, probably time for a replacement. You can get electronic meters which can report SOH as well as SOC. I tend to replace at SOH<60%
Hi All,

I was out of town for 2 weeks and the 2106 Soul EV was in the garage, doors unlocked, windows open. Upon return the 12v was dead. Not even the interior LED lights would come on, no dash lights, no unlocking. I measured the voltage on the 12V battery and it was about 3 volts. I boosted the car and left it turned on in park for 2.5 hours to recharge the 12v battery. It then registered as 12.83 volts. Big battery was around 67%. After about 12 hours it read 12.75 volts.

The car has about 44K - Km's and its the original 8 year old battery. I did a similar 2 weeks trip in Oct 2023 and car was fine upon return.

Living on borrowed time?

You might check for an added GPS tracker under the dash, On several YT videos this is the cause of the 12VDC battery drain, now days a 12VDC battery will not last 5 years.
My Soul EV is eating batteries too... In average every second year I need a new 12V battery.
I usually separate the 12v battery when I go on holidays with our Ioniq5...