Can someone recommend a home level 2 charger?

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Sep 10, 2023
Can someone recommend a home level 2 charger? I'm looking at this Grizzl-E. The forum seems to be changing links to .com. Try this: Seems pretty solid to me: Do you have any alternate suggestions?

- 2017 Kia Soul EV with ~50,000 miles
- Single-family house with garage (Kamloops, BC, Canada)
- Electrician will run 240V 40A from my panel and install NEMA 14-50 outlet in my garage
- Nice to have: timer function to limit charging to 80% SoC. (I think I'll have to calculate the time limit on each charge, e.g. from 30% to 80% = about 2 hours.)

I assume that with a 40A supply, you will be setting the charger to 32A. With a 30 kWh battery, my car needs 2hr 50 min for a 50% charge at 32A. My battery SoH is 102%, but obviously a lower SoH would take less time.

The Grizzl-E looks ok to me, but it is not clear which connector is used on the cable, so you need to check it's correct for your SoulEV. In Europe, the car has a Type 1 socket, but most cars use Type 2 - I'm not sure about N America.