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2/ AyeJay and Fanbanlo have reported Charging Module Errors. The error message displayed is "Check EV light" which sounds like your (Hazeyone) "check electric vehicle system" Both had the Charging Module replaced (presumably the OBC) and have not reported errors since. It would be good if someone could post a photo of this error.
I think the error I had was "check electric vehicle system".

I don't know if this is related but a week or so before My OBC failure this happened to the display screen:


(a strange multi-colored bar of what I'm calling 'electronic noise' on the right side). :?:

-- Has anyone else seen this one?

The car was still drivable but without all the on screen features.

This condition persisted for a short time (a few hours) then was never seen again.

-- My car has been performing flawlessly since the OBC replacement over a year ago.

My OBC failure report is at:

. :)
@ayejay, I got the Check Electric Vehicle System light. Looks like from your photo some sort of computer issue in your case for sure. My car was drivable and the system was ok except the guessometer range did not match the history I would get a record of 33kWh/100km one day and the next I would get 18kWk so the history was wacky maybe I had a computer issue to a lesser degree. My problem was getting a charge into the battery so I got stranded a couple of times, are you having this problem? Charging Stations would give "car has paused charging or charging is complete" error message even when the battery was quite depleted. Kia has been good about looking after it, they replaced my charge controller and other components. My Soul EV seems to be running good now.
nibularr said:
watching this problem closely since who knows who will get it...
my 2016 soulEV luxury was has a built tag of NOVEMBER 2015
i took a picture of my OBC sticker

You have the latest version of the OBC. It has different firmware. I am assuming this is a fixed version. We don't know that for sure yet. There is now a report from Quebec that somone who had a replacement OBC has now had a second failure. I think the fixed versions appeared just before October 2015. Don't know how they fixed this error before this. Nibularr where is your build tag? and how did you get such a good photo of the OBC sticker?

The mfg date of the OBC is written after the version number 15L12 is 12th November 2015.

Hazeyone and AyeJay could you look at your car and tell us what the sticker on the OBC says. here's a photo of where to find it. (it will be there soon when I find my phone - I left it in the car! photo now added in post below.)
Can't see my OBC super easy when I pop the hood....I see a sticker that says OBC main but is coded a bit differently, the bar code is not at the bottom it is at the top, and it says Mfg Date :20160111.
Hazeyone said:
Can't see my OBC super easy when I pop the hood....I see a sticker that says OBC main but is coded a bit differently, the bar code is not at the bottom it is at the top, and it says Mfg Date :20160111.
I think you have the same kind of OBC as mine. It is made by Daewoo Electronics Components Co Ltd. Mine says 20150212 (Month is in the middle). Why they have two manufacturers making the OBC I don't know. My guess is that they are identical to the Mando manufactured ones. Mando is the main supplier. They licence the tech from a firm called Diamond-Electronics in Japan. For some reason they are sub-contracting some of the work to Daewoo Electronics Components Co. So far the only known failure where we know who made the OBC is a Mando one. All the rest we don't know. Given that I think they are identical I think it is equally likely for either make to fail. I also assume you have the new version firmware. Hence yours won't fail again. If you happen to get hold of an OBD reader it would be interesting to know if that is correct.
Photo taken with the camera on the front of the car. I think it may be possible to get a better photo if your smartphone has a selfie stick and you put the phone down the gap between the OBC and the front of the car. But I don't have one.
JejuSoul ...

My OBC is also labeled: 'Daewoo Electronics Components Co Ltd.' ... 'Date: 20141021' ... 'Lot: 14102MC'.

The label is actually peeling off/not stuck to the front of the OBC (at the location shown in your picture) very well ???

Edit: My other sticker (at the location on the side) says: 'Mando V10.1R 14K30'

It's been working great without any more problems since replacement..

.. AJ
There are 2 stickers

I have taken a couple photos to show locations

Each one shows the 2 different brands
My front one says daewoo as well
nibularr said:
There are 2 stickers
Yes. Thanks. I hadn't spotted the one at the back. Great photos.
There is also a 3rd sticker on top which you can't see without taking the car apart.
So my car is Mando 11.1R 21st Feb 2015.

I am guessing that the fixed version is the 12.2R from late 2015.
Hazeyone, nibularr I assume your cars are fixed and free of this error.
Ayejay I think there is a >6% chance that your replacement OBC may also fail. My chances are the same. If so I hope that happens before the warranty expires.

Some info about the car in Quebec that has had the OBC fail twice.
Bought October 2014 - first failure October 2015 - second failure April 2016
Driven 56,000 km (April 2016)
"No error codes. When the Onboard Charger breaks down, the charging process cuts off after a few seconds. The three lights on the dash flash once then turn off. It becomes impossible to charge on 110V/220V. "
If someone from the Quebec forum reads this could you ask him to look at the failed OBC and post the version number and date.
Hello..i am new to this forum and as per my knowledge it is typically a conservative estimate I've found by comparing the actual miles traveled compared to what is predicted to be available at the end of the trip. I think the range issues most people are having is coming from not really understanding how much the many factors affect it. Add to this the fact that the predicted range is just a best guess hence the term guess-o-meter.

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Cory Grady welcome to the forum. I agree with your comment about the GOM, but am not sure which message or thread it is in reply to. This thread is about Charging Fault errors. There is a new report of this problem from Ontario, Canada. So it seems all provinces in Canada are effected. Still a puzzle as to why this is not occurring in the US (with one exception AyeJay in California).
Hazeyone said:
My car is all good now. Loving the Kia Soul EV experience.
Glad to hear you still like the car despite the charger problem. Let's hope it really is fixed. I haven't had this problem, but would prefer it occur sooner rather than later after warranty ceases. It doesn't change my opinion. I really like the car.

I have recommended this car to friends and friends of friends. Just had two of those who bought the car after talking to me complain. One drove the car backwards into the garage wall. Despite being a minor crash it damaged the battery, the car couldn't be fixed locally and it needed to be transported to the mainland for repair. The other forgot to charge the car and it ran out of power. Both blame the car for having 'difficult' technology. As I said above it doesn't change my opinion. I really like the car. But it does seem EVs have to be more rugged and simpler to use to gain mainstream acceptance.
Update: error3 below is not an OBC error - so this case is not a second OBC failure. Turns out it was not a failure at all.

Have seen a report of a car with a second OBC failure on the German forum. This is strange. The likelihood of a rare error happening multiple times to the same cars seems too low to be chance. I get the feeling this error (if it is a single error) has not been fully fixed or fully understood. There also seems to be a new case in California (and another. Now 3 in California we know about) So its not a geographical issue.

Details of car with multiple errors. Built March 2015. see

Error 1: "Park the car and check battery power" October 2015. - Supposedly fixed with a software update. (This may not be the OBC error - if so this driver is unlucky enough to have two different rare errors)

Error2: " it will not charge, the three blue lights blink twice and then nothing" February 2016 - Fixed with new OBC

Error3: "unfortunately broken again" May 2016 (Does this mean the new OBCs also fail!)

Update: error3 is not an OBC error, so this case does not invalidate the idea that version 2 of the OBC fixes the Charging Fault error. It does strengthen the idea that there is more than 1 error involved in this problem thread. What causes this new error is unknown. Kia's mechanics have taken this car apart to find out.

Update2: error3 is not an OBC error. Turns out it was the charge timer that was inadvertently set and the car was just waiting to start. The owner and mechanics did not pay attention to the flashing middle light in the charging panel. This car was taken apart for no reason.

For anyone who does have an OBC error, could you report the version number. There are two stickers on the OBC. The one at the front says Daewoo and has a date. The sticker at the back says Mando and has the version number. See photo below - taken by Nibularr
sooo I looked out this evening and noticed my car wasn't charging. our cheap time starts at 7 so I have it start then.
went out and unplugged it and plugged it back in and nothing.

turned the car on and it is showing the same charging error flashing that everyone's been getting with this problem on both the instrument and the infotainment system along with 3 flashing blue lights.

with level 2 plugged in showing 17 hours remaining to charge from 40% and shuts off after about a minute

I plugged level 1 in and is showing the same 17 hours but is able to keep charging.

will be heading to the dealership in the morning.....
nibularr said:
...will be heading to the dealership in the morning.....
Oh dear. The curse of the failing OBC has struck again. We still have no idea why this occurs more in Canada than anywhere else. Can you post a screenshot of "the charging error flashing that everyone's been getting with this problem on both the instrument and the infotainment system." Because not everyone is getting the same error message. Also in a previous post you state that your car has a build date of November 2015 but you post a picture of the OBC which has a label showing December 2015. Where did you see the build date? The dates become important because we were assuming that the OBC issue was fixed in November 2015. It seems not.

For reference here are the blinking light codes from the manual. Will be adding some comments about these lights in an edit to the post just above this one.

Thanks nibularr. Good luck getting a new OBC. It may be quick to change if they already have a spare in stock.
Is there also an error message on your nav screen. The video does not show it.
The date on your OBC according to the Mando sticker is 12 Dec 2015. The November date is on the Daewoo sticker. I didn't know these stickers could have different dates. Now I look I see that the Daewoo sticker is always older. The version number on your Mando sticker 12.2R is the one that I thought had been fixed. Any chance that you could attach an OBD2 reader and test to see if you have firmware v2 of the OBC. The quote about the fix is on the Quebec site - "Apparently, according to information from Kia Canada, no charger made in 2016 had the problem." - see

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Update from dealership said that my charging port wasn't making a good connection with the pins. Which they fixed. But as I was on my way to pickup the car they called back saying it had errored out again.