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Oct 9, 2023
Hi everyone! What do you guys think about the prices for EV charging today? I recently counted that apps like ChargePoint add nearly 79% to the charging station's original price and are not the only ones. What do you do about it: find cheaper solutions or prefer not to use public chargers or apps at all?
ChargePoint does not put any upcharge over the station's posted price, which is set by the station host, most other networks are similar in that what you see is what you pay.
AmpUp has a default mode which adds taxes and transaction fees to the posted price, though hosts can remedy that to make the posted price the total price.
DCFC pricing varies a lot, but considering the capital cost and low utilization of many sites, I'm happy to pay 400% of my home electricity price, though it would reduce my EV road-tripping if electrons were pricier than gasoline...