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Dec 17, 2019
I'm looking at used Soul EVs. Most are 2016s and are Kia certified. One is a 2015, and I would be the third owner, so no certification, and I think no drive train warranty? My understanding is that I would still have a warranty on the battery. True?

This vehicle has something like 47K miles. I would save about $2,000 to $3,000 by buying this instead of a certified 2016 with fewer miles.

I can't find anything online about 2015 models. Does anyone know how they differ from 2016s? This is a base model, not a plus.

Any advice is appreciated.
Minimal difference. I originally signed up for a 2015 but they ran out and finally delivered me a 2016.

I think the charge cable lock is different, not sure if the 2015 locks the cable at all.

Base model doesn't have a heat pump, so will use more battery in the winter. That may be more of a factor for you than 2015 vs 2016.