Does a battery take less charge when it is cold outside?

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Feb 3, 2021
I am trying to find out if an EV battery takes less charge when it is cold outside, eg. does the environment temperature affect its max charge?

While googling I can of course find much evidence that the battery will be depleted faster when it's cold (eg. less range) and that the battery will charge slower when it's cold.

However I cannot find any information about wether a battery can hold less charge when cold. For instance a 27 kWh battery, when cold, can it only charge to about 20 kWh or less?

Personally I think that is not true, the battery can hold 27 kWh independent of it's temperature, (not counting extremes which may stop it from working completely or damage it).

Any information on this would be very helpful.
I think it is true.
A new battery with nominal energy capacity of 27kWh will be able to accept a bit more than 27kWh when it is warm and a bit less when it is cold.
I doubt this is a difference of more then 1kWh though.
Thanks! That's what I was thinking; of course it has some impact, but not like it's suddenly a 50% change.