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Jun 29, 2017
Hello Forum,

My family and I are relocating from Toronto, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Had planned on bringing our 2016 Kia Soul EV but discovered there is no EV authorized Kia service centre in Nova Scotia. The closest one is in Montreal which is about a 12 hour drive. The local halifax dealership says they can only perform basic maintenace work.

Has anyone else moved to a region where there is no EV dealership in close proximity? More experienced Kia Soul EV owners, have you needed much service/repair work on your EV's past the one year mark? Aside from changing seasonal tires and check-ups we have not needed anything done on our EV so far. Hoping this remains the case, and we can reasonably bring it with us to Halifax.

Thanks for any comments.
electricavenue : welcome to the forum.

Unless you have extended warranty, and are willing to take a risk I do not recommend taking your car so far from a place it can be serviced.
A person with a similar experience - but on the West Coast - see https://www.facebook.com/groups/SoulEV/permalink/1084474438299835/

Ed Tanas said:
Location: Calgary, AB, Canada
Nearest Dealer: Kia West of Coquitlam BC ....

I had a brake issue , the Integrated Brake Actuator Unit was hooped a few months ago....

So they had it shipped from here in Calgary to there on a transport, paid for my rental car, it took 41 days but they were excellent ..all covered by my warranty ....

Then bad luck a few days after I got it back, the OBC Onboard c harger failed, I was able to use my wife's 110 c harger from her Smart car but nothing else worked...

So Kia West flew out a tech to here from Toronto to diagnose it and found it was the OBC, thank you to Northland Kia here for letting him use their service bays...

It took about three weeks to get the OBC here and yesterday, the tech flew here to install the new OBC... It was all covered by my warranty...
Hi jejusoul, thanks for sharing that post. I checked with my current dealership and they reminded me of the KIA roadside assistance program which covers 5 years or 100,000km. They confirmed KIA would tow/transport my EV to wherever it needs to go for servicing, even if that place is 12 hours away. Luckily my EV is only a year old and is still covered, but I will definitely look into the extended warranty for longer term coverage if we end up staying out east.