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New member
Jul 14, 2023
Hi all!
my otherwise wonderful 2018 soul ev's Gear Assembly (44500-18410).... starting making a tapping sound tied to the speed the car was traveling. It was also progressively getting louder every day. Took it to a dealer here in Los Angeles. They had good news and was still under warrantee, but that the part was not in inventory in North America. They would need to order it from Korea and had no idea how long it will take. 4 months later Im still without a car, with no end in sight.

Several calls to to the Kia America customer care line and several email exchanges got me a due date of July 7th...which came and went with no part. At one point they offered me a refund on rental cars and even wanted me to send my sales contract from the dealer to compensate me for my trouble, which i took them up on. Sent in the paperwork but since have basically ghosted me.

I have read that other members of this forum have had good success having "escalated" their case. How do I do that? Do I need to start a lemon law proceeding? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.