Gear Drive Unit failure - Shop won’t honor warranty

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Jun 24, 2023
I had a slight whine which built up to grinding under the hood.
When I brought it in to the nearest Kia service center,
I was told that the gear drive unit was cracked and that it was not under warranty.
After doing a little research, I find that the part is under warranty but that the shop guy was really saying that I damaged it and therefor it is not going to be covered by them under the determination that I caused the damage by driving over something.
I didn’t drive over anything or notice any bumps or anything like that.

This issue is compounded by the fact that this same service place has had my car for almost an entire year,
First to replace the battery and then to replace it a second time after they messed up and failed to replace the faulty battery charge control computer unit.
I feel like they probably just suck at their jobs and would prefer cash to warranty work.
What can I do at this point?
I have to drive for work :/
I would contact KIA USA Corporate directly. I had some success going that route (in Canada) when my car needed warranty work and there were no EV authorized KIA dealers in my province.