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Jun 1, 2019
I have just taken possession of my Soul EV 2020 Limited. I do not know if the dealer who made the preparation a little fast but some functionalities do not work. GPS locations are not preserved. Also, Bluetooth cell syncronization is not preserved. Is it possible that a demo or salon mode is activated? The information is kept about 15 minutes after all is cleared.
The UVO registration works well. I communicate with the car without problem. I do not see any other difficulty.

Thanks to the My Kia Soul EV community.

It seems like all the 2020 Kia Soul ev’s have this problem. My Kia dealer ordered a new radio and installed it last Wednesday and it did the same thing as the original one . It won’t remember GPS locations or keep the Bluetooth pairing setup.
I have the same issues and apparently there is an update. I go for mine on Friday June 14
Kia told me the software update fix those issues. The actual version in the Soul (father's Soul by the way) is .190130 It could mean the date 2019 January 30. I will comeback whit the result after he get the update.
My apologies for being so late with a reply. I am on some Facebook groups and posted but I miss some other groups. Yes all is working as it should - the update cleared up several things. I have also done a test run using the GPS - it is very good and the live UVO traffic seems accurate.
I have the same problem on my Soul but the dealer does not seem to know what to do. Which dealer resolved the issue for you so I can have my dealer phone them and get the appropriate fix?

Thanks for the help!
It is an SW software update. This is the number I have now: SK3EV.CAN.55W_M.V001.00.190508

You probably have SK3EV.CAN.55W_M.V001.001.190130 and that needs an update - takes about 20 mins if I remember correctly.

Mine was done at Orangeville Kia (Ontario) and I think the man who did it was called Art. If not ask for the manager - Ryan - he is GREAT!

Hope this helps