How to take apart the J1772 "nozzle"

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Leo Joy

New member
May 4, 2024
My level one charger stopped working. The Kia dealership determined that it is either the microswitch in the J1772 nozzle lock or a switch/relay inside the charger itself. Obviously, the microswitch in the nozzle is way cheaper and easier to test/replace and I will try replacing that first. My problem is as I have absolutely no idea how to open up this nozzle. It's a plastic snap to fit, and there are no screws anywhere. I can't find any diagrams or breakdown video. Everything I can find, uses screws to put the nozzle together.

Does anybody know how to take this nozzle apart without damaging it? Or, point to some sort of a resource that I can use to figure out how to do it myself.

Thanks everyone.
That is a strange reply by the Kia dealership.
The obvious first step for them is to test your cable with a different charger.
The obvious first step for you is to test your level one charger with a different cable.

As for taking apart the nozzle.
I have only done this with the 16A cable that came with the Kia Ray EV.
It was easier back in the day.
Kia obviously do not want people to be doing this.

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