Infotainment Spontaneous Reboot?

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Apr 28, 2018
Like the title says, has anyone had their infotainment just reboot randomly? I started my car today after dropping my son off at school, coasting down a hill about a mile into the drive, heard a pop/thud electrical sound from my speakers and noticed the infotainment go dark. It took about 30 seconds before it was fully online with navi map showing again.

Anyone else have this happen while driving?
Mine is stuck in that bootloop. "Kia" loading screen shows for about 30 secs, then pop noise, dark for a sec, then back to "Kia". Tried all the reset tricks: reset button, pull the fuse... nothing works. Basically dead. Not sure how to move on at this point. Considering trying to put in a junkyard ICE unit and hoping it works (minus the EV info).
I suspect an ICE one will not work. The headunit is a major component on the CAN bus. Have you tried reflashing the SD card?