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Jan 21, 2016
Please reply if you own or lease a Kia Soul Ev in Maryland.
How long have you owned/leased?
Overall satisfaction? Details?
Old thread, but I just leased a 2016 Soul EV+

Love it so far, but trading down from a Tesla Model S, so some adjustments in expectations are ongoing. Love that it has Android Auto.
Hi there,
I'm about to look at a lease for a 2017 Soul EV+.

I have a 2012 MiEV with currently 77,000mi and the battery capacity is at 62%. The Mitsu warranty is for 10years (in MD) and 100,000mi, but it has to be total pack- or cell-failure. This is not the case with mine. I have a 35mi one way commute and can charge for free at work. With winter approaching, it will become a bit dicey. I would not look into another EV, if it wouldn't be for the battery degradation of my MiEV. I secretly hope, that there will be a battery/cell failure prior to 100,000mi.

I looked around for a good deal on 2nd hand EV's and a local KIA-dealer called me up this week for an interesting lease deal - 2017 Soul EV+ for 37k minus 19.5k. I have seen lease deals for $79 to 99/month, bu they all have 10kmi/year limits. I will need 20k. Should be interesting.
I will keep the MiEV and a 2001 RAV4 with 280kmiles for 2 teenage kids and wife to do local run arounds.

Any advice on leases or things, I should get in writing?
How does the UVO work for you guys?
Does KIA include lifetime map updates for the GPS? The MiEV-GPS has a map of 2010 and Mitsu asks close to $200 for a 1-time update - outrageous.
Looking forward to driving a new generation EV.
Hi, I'm wondering if any Maryland owners have advice on which Kia dealerships to favor or avoid for service. I have a recall issue to deal with on a used 2015 EV+ that I just bought.