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Nov 19, 2018
I just got a new battery in my 2017 soul EV and it apparently didnt get calibrated. I know this is a common thing and I have seen that I need to drive it down to under 20% then charge uninterrupted to 100%, maybe even a few times, to get it registering properly.

I warmed up my garage to 68F and charged it to 100% after driving it down to 3% and it is reporting a total of 40 miles available while I believe with the new batteries it should be like 115?

What should I do? And if this is so common why is it next to impossible to find this information? And why wouldnt the dealership be instructed to reset something???

I believe the charging routine you did is to calibrate the SOH in the BMS, but does not affect the GOM directly. My understanding is that the dealer has to reset the BMS (i.e. you can't do it) - that will make the BMS use default values, which will cause the GOM to show a respectable range. But it won't necessarily relate to your battery initially - that will come after 5 or so cycles.

It would seem logical that, if the BMS is not reset, the GOM will slowly get to a sensible value (maybe after 10 cycles?) but I'm not sure.
Got it. Considering this is the first EV this dealership has ever worked that confirms my suspicion they didnt do what they needed to do to finish it. I'll take it in and hopefully they can call HQ and ensure they're doing the proper next step. Thx!
My Battery was replaced this week. After install GOM still showed 54mi. They did SA473 BMS FATC update and drove it 40mi and the car now shows 94mi at 98% in 45F weather. It still might get better with more driving. I just put 55 mi + on it driving back from dealer and had 54% charge left. I did discover they added a timer charge to 80% which I do not recollect seeing before. So I'm going to use that now.