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Jan 5, 2020
I have been looking at Kennwei kw 902 dongles. Most of the ones I see are V 3.0.
Does anyone know if this works.
I have found one that says V 1.5 and it is more than double the avrage price and from a new seller with no ratings.
I looked through the link for newbies and did not want to post there as a reply.
Thanks for any info.
This one works fine in my car

V1.5 Super MINI ELM327 Bluetooth ELM 327 Version 1.5

Sorry if i can't post commercial link

Here's a previous comment from the recommended obd2 adapter thread


I recommend the Konnwei KW902 for use with Torque Pro.

I added an OBD extension wire with a switch.
I pushed the OBD connector back out of its clip to allow room for the plastic cover to be closed. The OBD extension wire is threaded under the steering column so that the switch and adapter can sit under the navigation by the accessory ports.


I have recently bought a second a second Konnwei KW902. It works fine.

The old box is on the left. It seems they have added a Bluetooth 4 version. I have Bluetooth 3.
I just looked and cannot find anyone selling a Bluetooth 4 version.

The adapter I bought is called 'Bluetooth OBDII Diagnostic Tool KONNWEI KW902 Android Auto Diagnostic S_can Tool ELM327 O.B.D2 V1.5' on A_mazon. There is no such thing as V1.5 in ELM327. But this version works.
Some of the sellers of KW902s claim to be V2,1 in ELM327. This is a lie. Do not pay extra for this.
I believe the wifi version works but I have not tested it.
I have never seen a site selling a Bluetooth Low Energy version of the KW902. This is version 4 of Bluetooth.
Just received my Konnwei KW902 Bluetooth 3.0 from Amazon, works perfectly well.
I did try others which work with my Nissan Leaf 1, no luck with them.