Puddle Lights not compatible?

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Mar 31, 2019
About 3 years ago I put OEM puddle lights on my 2017. I just purchased a 2019 and wanted to do the same. Looks like all the original kits, part number B2067ADU00, have been discontinued and bought up and are replaced by B2067ADU01. However this new part, B2067ADU01, is listed as not compatible with the 2019 Soul EV. Is this a mistake?

How can a part replace another yet not be compatible? Has anyone used these new kits?

UPDATE: Spoke with the parts guy at my local Kia dealer. He doesn't see any reason why the updated kit, B2067ADU01, will not fit. It showed as compatible via my VIN from his end. He ordered the part and we will get it installed when it arrives. If it turns out it's not compatible, he said I will not be charged. I will post another update after install.