Range with B-Mode and/or Active Eco Mode?

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Apr 2, 2015
Is the average EPA range estimated using standard drive mode and w/o the Active Eco function turned on? Can someone give me some insights as to how much of a range difference using B-Mode and/or Active Eco mode makes? I'm trying to to determine if the average range of 93 miles is sufficient for my needs, and if using B or Eco can extend that range a little on days where I know I'll be driving a lot. I drive mostly city streets, but sometimes make highway trips of 60 miles (30 each way). I live in Houston, so AC will be in use 8 months a year. Thanks.
This reading would be a good place to start... http://insideevs.com/kia-soul-ev-range-autonomy-demonstration-nets-100-miles/
Some of the cali owners probably know a little more about how much the AC drops range, but with using the heater, so far with B all the time and eco most of the time, 60 miles is easily done. Mind you eco and B mode both wouldn't really contribute to any extra range with just highway cruising. They shine in stop and go or hilly terrains. Places where you'll be slowing down more often.