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Feb 6, 2014
Kia has teamed up with Smitten Ice Cream and debuted a goofy pure electric ice cream truck at 2014 SEMA in Las Vegas.



“Smitten Ice Cream Soul EV
Ice cream is always a favorite at racetracks across the country, and few vehicles are as iconic as the classic ice cream truck. For its more modern take on the musical, treat-serving truck, Kia teamed with San Francisco-based Smitten Ice Cream, matching up its high-tech zero-emissions Soul EV with Smitten’s high-tech patented Brrr™ ice cream machine. Founded by a Stanford business school graduate, Smitten creates world-class churned-to-order treats with all-natural and organic ingredients using liquid nitrogen to freeze the ingredients at -321 degrees Fahrenheit, making the freshest, purist and creamiest ice cream on the planet.

Customized by Gallagher Designs, the Smitten Ice Cream truck and trailer has been transformed to a modern delivery delight with a custom paint job in pearl cherry red. Detailed red and white leather upholstery and interior paneling complement the sleek exterior. Tailor-made red smoothie wheels with baby moon caps add a sporty/hotrod feel to this modern structure with classic lines.

To operate as a functioning ice cream truck, a custom hemlock cab divider has been constructed to separate the driver from the Smitten Ice Cream equipment. The side doors open to reveal a compartment specifically designed to store dewars, the custom tanks filled with the liquid nitrogen needed to instantly freeze Smitten’s ice cream. Shaved door handles open with an electronic latch and LEDs have been installed to spotlight the patented Brrr™ ice cream machine and the table work space. Silver accents follow existing lines on the car to tie the vehicle to the trailer and give a subtle nod to classic car culture.

The back windows of the Soul EV are tinted black to serve as menu boards to display flavors, farm-to-table ingredients and daily specials. From the finished back cavity, a pull-out table has been specifically designed to accommodate Smitten’s Brrristas™ and their “wagoneering” workflow, which can be set in a linear or 90-degree-angle layout. Three marine speakers built into custom aluminum “waffle” cones, a fresh take on traditional ice cream truck loudspeakers, sit atop the Soul EV and emit a modern version of the classic tune that ice cream trucks have been playing for decades in neighborhoods across America. Custom school bus-type “Stop” signs with LED lights fold out from the rear panels of the vehicle as another small homage to old-school ice cream trucks.

The lightweight aluminum teardrop trailer adds nostalgia to the Smitten Soul EV while providing added storage and functionality. Both the car and the trailer have matching cherry red exteriors, and the bottom third of the trailer is silver, drawing from the silver accents on the car. A hatch on the back of the trailer allows access to a spacious storage area, and stainless steel counter tops slide into channels on the sides of the trailer to display Smitten’s gourmet pairings.

Kia and Smitten Ice Cream have partnered to create a Soul EV that’s as unique as Smitten’s deliciously fresh-frozen treats. Following the SEMA show, the street-legal Smitten Soul EV will operate as a catering/marketing display vehicle for the Smitten Ice Cream Company.”