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Apr 29, 2020
My Kia Soul EV was set to lock all doors when shifted to drive, then unlock all doors when shifted to park. One day I was messing with the settings and disabled the feature to unlock the doors on park. After I found I didn't like not having the doors unlock automatically, I went back to settings to turn it back on, and the menu options to configure this had vanished.

I took my car to the dealer today to have recalls serviced and asked about why I can no longer set the doors to unlock on park. They fiddled with it a bit but couldn't figure it out and said I'd have to make a separate appointment to have the issue looked at more thouroughly.

Below are some screenshots where I belive there used to be a setting specifically for auto unlock. Does anyone know how I might get the unlock on park feature reenabled? Can anyone compare to menu options in their cars to see if mine are actually different?