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Jul 8, 2022
I am looking at buying a 2017 Kia Soul EV. Does anyone know if the warranty transfers from owner to owner? How can I check to see if the warranty has expired or if it is still in place. I am concerned about the battery needing to be replaced.

This is going to vary depending on country. You may be able to go to your country's Kia website and find the warranty details.

Here's the one for Canada https://www.kia.ca/content/dam/marketing/content/owners/kia-ownership/warranty/2017_Kia_Warranty_Manual_en.pdf and page 11 says it is transferable to subsequent owners, but don't rely on this if you are in a different country.
Yes, the traction battery warranty definitely transfers to subsequent owners in the USA. I’ve been approved for replacement on my used 2016. Only issue is sllooownnessss.