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2016 Soul EV+ Battery Replacement - Remanufactured?

Mon Feb 25, 2019 10:13 pm

Our 2016 Soul EV+ suffered battery degradation to the point the battery qualified for replacement under warranty (below 70% state of health). Just got the car back today after waiting 6 weeks for the battery to arrive.

The dealer (in Orange County, CA) assured me that the battery pack was indeed new, not remanufactured. However, when I arrived home and looked through the receipt in detail... the part number seems to indicate a remanufactured unit.

Installed part number: 37510 E4200R REMAN PACK ASSY-BATT

Looking at the Kia site, a new battery pack has the same part number, sans the "R" and "REMAN".

Has anyone who had their battery pack replaced noticed the same thing? Do they always use remanufactured battery packs?

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Re: 2016 Soul EV+ Battery Replacement - Remanufactured?

Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:30 am

FWIW, mine doesn't look like to be remanufactured/refurb.



I wouldn't worry too much about it. As long as you're getting 27 kWh usable, it doesn't really matter whether it's new or refurb. To be fair, the battery warranty does clearly state that they may give you a new or refurb battery pack, and with at least 70% SoH.

... for capacity loss below 70%
of the original battery capacity. This warranty
covers repairs needed to return battery capacity to
70% of original battery capacity....
If necessary, the EV Battery will be
replaced with either a new or remanufactured
Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery. Any repair or
replacement made under this Lithium-Ion Polymer
Battery Capacity Coverage may not return your
Lithium-Ion Battery to an “as new” condition with
the original 100% battery capacity."

Battery Capacity Warranty
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Re: 2016 Soul EV+ Battery Replacement - Remanufactured?

Sat Mar 02, 2019 1:18 am

Looking through the multiple posts on the US Facebook Forum about replacement batteries, there are some anecdotes that since the start of this year Kia are using refurbished batteries not new ones. The failures are all in 'hot' states. Arizona, Texas and California desert.
An example Soul EV - US Facebook : 18th Jan 2019
Also it seems a 6 month delay was common.
Gene White wrote:The car would drive but have limited range due to the battery degrading. And the battery is unavailable because Kia chose to discontinue production so they could focus on the new battery packs for the second generation Kia EV‘s. Kia has no additional batteries and is having to re-manufacture the batteries for the first generation cars so you’re getting used components when they replaced the battery rather than all new.
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Re: 2016 Soul EV+ Battery Replacement - Remanufactured?

Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:03 am

Wow, thanks for pointing this out. I was told before my replacement that there was a change in suppliers this year for the batteries, but they didn't know anything else about it. They later told me that it probably just meant it was coming from a different distributor. But looking at my invoice, I also see mine is remanufactured as well. The full part number is 37510-E4200R REMAN PACK ASSY.

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