2017 Charging Door Won’t Stay Closed

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Dec 29, 2014

My Kia’s charging door will not stay closed. The right side catches but the left side (towards the center of the car) will not stay latched.

Other than the dealer is there a way to fix this? Tips?
Try closing with the left side first, and then press in the right. That's how I do mine.

The latching mechanism may not be fully shutting and may need lubrication. Also, the "emergency" release may not be completely slack, so lubricate and exercise that.

My formula for lubrication is some spray grease, followed by a spray of WD40. The WD40 dissolves the grease and allows it to flow into the nooks and crannies. It may also disperse melt water, so eliminating refreezing.
Thanks for this! Going to try this today after I go buy some grease (this bacon fat seems like the wrong option ;-)
Can you explain where exactly you lubricated it? Thanks.
Below is a picture of an open charge port (which I found using a search engine). If you look closely at the right side there is a small pin just on the inside of the port. That pin can retract to release the door. The same pin is on the left side, but it is a bit hidden in the door mechanism. You can lubricate both pins when either the door won't open (the pin won't go in) or the door doesn't want to stay closed (the pin doesn't come out). I used a graphite lubricant and an old pokey thing to push the left pin in several times until it finally came out completely again.