Almost no offerings in the South East of the US?

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Nov 20, 2019
Hi all,

I'm looking to import an used Kia Soul EV to the Carib. Because the car will be shipped from Miami I'm looking in the south east of the US but I can barely find anything in Florida? The closest ones are in Atlanta and they are much more expensive than the ones in say California(probably because supply is scarce?). I'm temped to buy from California(no road salt) but the transport costs over land can negate the higher prices they ask in the south-east. What is wisdom...

Also all the cars I can find are on dealer sites, are there almost no private sale offerings or am I looking at the wrong sites? Buying via a dealer is probably easier but if the price difference is large enough it might be worth the extra hassle.

I also have no experience with buying a car in the US, is it normal to counteroffer the price on the dealers site and if so what are the norms?

Thanks in advance,
Beware of EVs from California (the hot parts). The batteries will have suffered from the heat, and I expect you will have no warranty outside the US. That probably applies to the SE US as well.

If you buy from a dealer, perhaps you could get a warranty as regards the battery SOH.