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Jul 15, 2018
Hello, I opened this topic in order to explore the status of the electric cars popularity in each country. So please, take some time and write about the spread of electric cars.

In my country (Jordan - middle east), most of the electric cars are imports from California, other states in the US, and South Korea. Most people buy used cars. The following data is about the car imports by local traders (not the official dealers of the car brands)
The electric cars market share is 9.1% of the car imports (they are of 5 years age max). While Hybrid cars are at 56%, Gas cars at 30% (down from 44%, 2 years ago). The rest is diesel cars.

The most popular so far is still Nissan Leaf MY's 2011-2017. However the 2018 model, is not popular, and is rarely seen. Kia Soul EV is also popular, but it is losing price and market share due to its battery issues.
Now the Hyundai Ioniq is gaining market so quickly, it's price is very competitive, and it's battery is still showing good performance. The same goes for the VW e-Golf, but less than the Ioniq, it's price is 3,000 $ higher.
Mercedes B250e, BMW i3, Ford Focus, Chevy Spark, Toyota RAV4 (2012 - 2014), Tesla, Fiat 500e, Samsung SM3 (the same car goes under Renault brand) and Mitsubishi MiEV are all available in the market, but less popular.
There is a Chinese car called Private-Smart that is 9,000$ brand new :D, full electric with a max power of 30 KW.

Recently, long range EV's other than Tesla are entering the market, the Kona electric, Kia e-Niro and Chevy Bolt are gaining market slowly. I can see many Chevy Bolts on offer, while very few Kona's and e-Niro's.
Very few electric vehicles here, which is crazy, because I live on an island 9 miles wide and 5 miles long! The Post Office has a fleet of Renault delivery vans, which the postmen seem to like. Ideal for their door-to-door work.

There are a few Nissan Leaf, and I've seem one Tesla. I think I have the only Soul EV on the island, which I imported from mainland UK. The local Kia dealer offers new eNero and may have received the new model eSoul, but when I asked him about a used SoulEV, he'd never heard of them!
Omar said:
Hello, I opened this topic in order to explore the status of the electric cars popularity in each country. So please, take some time and write about the spread of electric cars. [...]
In Canada, as of Q3 2019, plug-in cars* were up to 3.5% of all passenger vehicle sales, and higher than that in parts of the country where there are provincial incentives (7% in Quebec, 10% in British Columbia).

I think we'll see the overall portion of the market that is electric accelerate. Not just because the new cars are more desirable, but also because they'll probably have significantly longer service lives (now that problems like the early Leaf experiences are behind us). I can easily see the average e-car lasting longer than the average ICE car, due to the e-car's lower maintenance and the improving battery sizes and battery chemistries. Going forward you'll have accelerating EV sales, plus longer service lives for e-cars over ICE cars, and the two together could start to move the needle dramatically.

Here's the most recent report on the Canadian e-car market I could find: https://emc-mec.ca/wp-content/uploads/EMC-Sales-Report-2019-Q3_EN_v2.pdf

* The figures technically include hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, but there is almost no infrastructure for them in Canada, and probably almost no one owns one. :)