Anyone resolved "Check Electric Vehicle System" car shudders and stops?

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May 24, 2024
Last week our Kia Soul EV 2016 suddenly shuddered like we'd driven over a huge pothole. The dashboard put up a "Check Electric Vehicle System" warning, and the car lost all motor power though the dashboard remained on. We coasted to a stop. Putting it in gear would not move, though neutral would let it roll downhill. We couldn't even turn the car off, pushing the power button made the dashboard flicker but it remained on.

I have an OBD2 dongle and the Soul Spy app, but there was no OBD diagnostic code.

After sitting in the car for 90 minutes waiting for the tow truck, it suddenly recovered. It might have been exactly 90 minutes from the "Check Electric Vehicle System" error. We could turn the car off, and after turning it back on there was no sign of error. It could move under its own power again. describes the same symptoms but no resolution.