Changing battery from 2015 (27kw) to 2018 (30Kw)

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Nov 23, 2022
Is it anyone that have change the battery on a 2015 mod (27Kw) to battery from a 2018 mod (30Kw). Is there any problem, and what are this problem.

The battery is fitting but have heard that it maybe is some problem with the BSM on the battery.

As the 30kWh battery has four more cell pairs, the BMS will require four more connections to it, and appropriate software. So, a different BMS, different BMS to battery harness, and no-one has posted whether the battery enclosures are the same size and use the same securing arrangements. There may also be other considerations.
I have now done the change. The car is working fine. It's charging normal and fast.
The battery fit the car. It was only plug and play.
Well, that is a little surprising. Could you please use SoulEV Spy or Torque to see how many cell pairs the BMS is listing. If it is only 96, that would suggest that the BMS will not balance the extra 4 , which might cause problems eventually.
Ian, the BMS module is inside the battery box.
Swapping the entire box is much easier than opening it and swapping individual cells.
There are no issues with wiring or BMS adjustments if you swap the entire box.

Possible minor differences may be seen in the VMCU because the power and weight of the car have changed.
99.99% of the users will not notice this.
There were some videos from Kia showing the factory making the 2nd generation Soul, and I think those mentioned that the chassis was designed to be both an ICE and EV.

This is why even though you are not meant to put a tow hitch on a Soul EV, there are still the mounting holes in the frame for one as it is the same frame for the ICE Soul that can have a tow hitch. It also explains the battery fan in the trunk where the ICE would have a spare wheel.
Yes, and the presence of jacking sockets adjacent to the wheels, even thought there's no spare and no jack supplied. I've been grateful for them, twice, having needed my spacesaver spare when I had a tyre shredded from hitting a kerbstone..