check electrical vehicle system appears causing the car to come to a sudden stop

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Sep 16, 2023
hello there, I have a 2016 kia soul EV. today, on the way home from a restuarant, the kia soul came to a sudden stop while driving and showed the error. luckily, there were no cars behind me so I wasn't hurt but it was a really bad thing to happen and am scared to try driving it again till I have an idea of what's wrong. i've seen many people with the same error but different things triggered the error. I can't find anyone who had the same problem so I just wanted to ask. i've also heard that the error dissappears from the system when turning the car off. obviously I didn't have anything handy to check and was right next to a round about so it wouldn't have been the best spot to check.
Usuallly when something like that happens, the fault is recorded in the fault log. KIA dealers can access the log and see the details. Some faults can be accessed by third party OBD testers, such as SoulEV Spy, but some need the KIA proprietary equipment.
Just had the same thing happen. Sudden jerk like the car had bottomed out, message on the screen about Check Electric Vehicle System, and the car won't move. I can't even get it to turn off. I'm waiting for the tow truck now.
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As in a similar discussion in another thread — check the 12V battery.

I had some strange brake system errors and the car would not turn off in my own driveway. A jump pack connected to the 12V battery allowed an orderly shutdown. Battery read just under 8V. A new one solved the issues.