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Feb 12, 2024
So I was driving normally until the car suddenly stopped working, (it completely turned off), I tried tried to turn it on again and it somehow worked...
After a little bit I had the same problem 3 more times until I wasn't able to turn it on anymore. I somehow managed to pull it into a parking lot but the car just refused to turn on. (The car battery warning light also appeared)
After some more tries I gave up and let the car there for the night, the next day I got a friend to run some diagnostics on the car and we replaced the car battery with a new one, but the car still refuses to run.
The only Kia car repair shop near me says they will only be able to look at the car by March 5th and I really need the car...
If someone knows of anything that might help, please comment on this post...
I leave the warnings the diagnostics showed.
Since it is in Portuguese I will leave the translation here.

P1BBA00 ->"Active overload protection"

P1B7700 -> "Pre-charging of the high-voltage battery"

First guess was the 12V battery - but you replaced that.
Second guess is a blown fuse. Check the fuse box. The 12V system fuses are safe for DIY.

First result I get on google when looking for P1B77 is :- Hyundai Finds Causes For Ioniq 5's 12V Battery Drain, Reveals Fixes
Now, some vehicles that only had the Integrated Charging Control Unit (ICCU) fuse replaced also incurred Diagnostic Trouble Code P1B77 (high voltage error in the battery pack) as a result of ICCU failure. DTC P1B77 cases required the Power Relay Assembly (PRA) in the EV battery to be replaced as well.

This fuse may not be in the fusebox. If it's the 125 Amp High Voltage Battery Fuse then it's part of the safety plug located in the trunk or under the seats. This is not something you can fix yourself.

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