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Feb 18, 2020
Jersey, English Channel Islands
There have been a few posts about this warning arising intermittently, but never getting an OBD fault code from Spy or Torque. I have had it for 3 years, always in cold weather, never over the summer, and never when it was possible to get it to the dealer before it vanished - until today. I drove into the dealer with the lamp on, left the car in P but switched on, and asked them to check it. The technician came out with a dongle and a KIA branded tablet, plugged in, and got a fault code for 3-way valve in HVAC open (presumably when it should be shut?). I asked him to record it, so the rectification would be under warranty, and he replied that the tablet had already registered the data in "the system", which I understand to mean that it shows up in KIA UK's database.

So it seems that there are codes which Spy and Torque do not display or otherwise react to. As this was (as I suspected) an HVAC fault, I used the factory built-in test detailed in the Kia FSM to display a fault code, and it showed 108 (not the same numbering system as from the OBD port) which is given in the FSM just as "cooling valve open" so not as helpful as the dealer's KIA equipment.

The HVAC system has not detectably malfunctioned, so I think it is probably a defective sensor in the valve.

Anyway, it is booked in for service and repair in early January. Hopefiully, they will change the valve, and I won't see the fault again.