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Mar 23, 2024
Arizona, USA
2019 in for a software update & service. Replaced 2 tires last week, they don't even need to rotate the tires.

We only saw slight issue with the last software, not battery killing like many folks, but will be interesting to see if that little bit of mileage comes back.

And he had us down for an Oil Change. Oil Change? I asked, he said yes, unless you don't need one. Well, it is all electric?

Did NOT instill confidence
The one-speed gearbox contains lubricating oil.
Ok, you bring up a good point. I have a feeling they're clueless on EVs and only checked visible fluids and brakes. According to owner's manual, 37K inspection of 'reduction gear oil'. I wonder if it wouldn't just be better to replace it and move on with life.
Found the manual on-line, it indicates replace every 75k for severe conditions, I don't think we're even close to that yet.
[edit] Seems only 'E' would apply, but I think they're referring more to dust of farm/gravel roads rather than our occasional dust storms.
'K' driving over 106mph(170), I've had it to 80 and it feels a little squirrely compared to my sequoia or sienna but I'm willing to give 106 a go LOL.

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I was going to have my Gear Oil changed...
But they replaced my drive unit about 5k miles before the service.

I will be coming up on gear oil (ATF) change sometime soon....after I vehicle back from new battery after this last recall software.
I have a 2018 the dealership sold me, UM017 CH126 : SAE 75W85 (LSD)(6) 2 of them @ $35.31
This is NOT ATF it's positraction fuild. It took 2quarts
When I had my gear oil changed they used this.
It is a synthetic MTF. API = 70.


I looked up Positronic -
"Positraction is a General Motors product name that, over the years has been shortened to “posi” and used as an overall performance term for a limited slip differential design."

UM017 CH126 : SAE 75W85 (LSD)(6) is from Kia. :- - Genuine Kia Parts
It costs $12.99. It is a synthetic MTF. API = 75.

DCTF is Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid
MTF is Manual transmission fluid.
ATF is Automatic transmission fluid.

Does anyone know why ATF is not used. ?
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Typically, auto transmissions involve clutches or band brakes immersed in the fluid, and hydraulic actuators. I would guess that ATF is optimised to care for the hydraulics and friction surfaces involved.

Our gearbox (or final drive if you prefer) is just meshed helical gears, for which MTF is fine. That the car is described as having "automatic transmission" is a misnomer. It is really an electrically-actuated, manually-operated single speed transmission.
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Just a follow up. We've only a couple charges but last I checked the SOH wasn't available. No issues with the fast DC nor slow jplug charges. Wife's car so not sure the 'full' mileage since the update.

Dealer told my wife the battery condition was 'green' when she asked if they checked the SOH before the update. I really need to find a dealer that knows EVs.

And we'47k miles so 2, maybe 3 years before replacing the gear oil.