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Feb 2, 2021
Hello, who can advise?
We bought a KIA Soul 2017 in the USA, Initially we had a range of 100+ miles. We exported the car to Aruba, and according to KIA USA we lost the warrantee due to that. Today with 26.000 miles on the odometer we only have a range of 48 miles after a full charge.
We connected the Soul to a car diagnostic computer and could read all voltage of the 192 cells. All cells had a voltage of 3.86V except cell 123 we saw 3.76V.
Can anybody advise what cell voltages should be?
I have been reading on this that they calculated the capacity with the formula 192 cells * 43Ah * 3.75V = 30.96kWh, in my case I would expect a higher capacity as we observed higher voltages.
Is this true?
Can anybody advise on how to understand and interpreted the voltage values found?
Thanks in advance
One of the 96 cells in you battery pack has gone bad.
The health of your pack depends on all 96 being closely aligned.
Once one cell has gone bad the battery needs to be replaced.
Sorry for the bad news.
You will be able to continue using the car for a long time with a bad battery but you will have to drive slowly and for short distances.
Thanks for reply, but what are typical values for good cells and what is the voltage a battery goes bad?
Further can one cell dropped in voltage to 3.74V have such high impact on millage with full charge.

I have 2015 Soul EV, I had a similar problem. I changed 3 cells. 6 months later, I changed the whole battery. I could drive like 80 Km before I had to replace it.

If you want some explanation how to understand voltages, battery capacity .... etc. Drop me a message containing your skype, or some other way of chatting, I will explain all to you.