Kia Soul EV Premium 2020 Trip Vancouver to Whistler - BC, Canada

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Feb 2, 2020
Hi All,
I just want to share with you how Kia Soul EV Premium 2020, 248km range (Canadian Model) performed in my test going from Vancouver, BC to Whistler Blackcomb Creekside Village in winter. (own the car)

Leaving Vancouver going to Whistler 131km trip, range @100% battery was showing 240km, parked at 15 degrees
Car was preheated, the inside of the car heater was running all the time, need my comfortable 23 degrees inside (using Normal Driving all the time), seat heater on as well. One person in the car. Going up it was pissing rain. Winter tires on with original factory wheels for better aerodynamics. I was doing good 100-120km going there so not economical driving at all, more racing other gasoline cars. :shock:
The temperature outside was 2 degrees C (at arrival). Arrived with 42km left.

The car was left on the charger (level 2) the whole time I was snowboarding again it was in the underground parking before I left Whistler car was again 100% charged.

Leaving Whistler going to Vancouver 131km trip, range @100% battery was showing 212km, parked at 6 degrees
Arrived home with 94km left, looks like it was downhill :)
Drive Train used 81% energy, Climate was running at 1.67kW used 16%, Electronics 0.18kW 3%

Repeated the same thing again this week
Leaving @ 100% battery with 227km range at 15 degrees, arriving with 41km left at 5 degrees C. This time it was not raining.

Hope this will help some future owners answer some questions on what is the actual range in certain conditions. ;) I was hoping my self that I would be able to use 131km going there and on my way back stop by close to my home on some quick 30km top-up and be able to make it without charging. :? Now we know it is not happening.

Cheers. ;)
Appreciate the trip details and outcomes :D . I just got the same model a week ago. Mine is garage kept at home and work and I'm driving 34-40km 5 days a week. Trying to decide if I should trickle charge (120V) daily (to 80% as manual recommends) or just wait until charge is down to about 25-30% (which looks like it will take 1-2 weeks depending on how much I use the heating/cooling).

I came across an article that suggests 75% to 25% offers the most "range" * cycles but then I see most Tesla owners are daily-charging instead of waiting to charge (for commuting).

What have you decided to do?