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Feb 9, 2019
I suddenly realized last night that my heat pump is not putting out any heat. I know the A/C was working less than a month ago, so I doubt that it's low on refrigerant. The dealer says they can't get me in until December!
I did the climate control self diagnostics, and all it did was constantly flash "20". If that is indeed the code, it says DRIVER TEMP DOOR POTENTIOMETER Malfunction in the manual.
I'm not convinced I did the diagnostic correctly since it states that all graphics on the display will blink 3 times, which I did not see. I did see the number 20 flashing constantly though.
Any insight here? I'm willing to replace the part if that is really the cause. Hoping someone here has been down this rabbit hole!
Your analysis of the code seems correct.
See - Kia Soul EV: Controller / Heater & A/C Control Unit (FATC) Repair procedures
But I have no idea what ' DRIVER TEMP DOOR POTENTIOMETER Malfunction' is.

I have only ever seen 00 on my car. I've never had a climate fault.
Thread with more details is here - Heating and Cooling the Cabin - The HVAC System

The climate trouble code system is generic for all Hyundai / Kia cars. I suspect the manual is generic too. Hence specific trouble codes for the SOUL EV may not be properly documented. There may also be some confusion in the way documentation has been translated from Korean to English.

When searching for this fault I found this for the Hyundai Sante FE


Temperature control actuator located at heater unit. It contains temp motor that changes temp door position and potentiometer that monitors position of temp door. Temperature control actuator regulates the temperature by the procedure as follows. Signal from control unit adjusts position of temp door by operating temp motor and then temperature will be regulated by the hot/cold air ratio decided by position of temp door. In operation, potentiometer delivers temp door position transformed into voltage value to A/C ECU.
Thanks for the reply. I did some research and came to the same conclusion and I think this is the correct part, but I need to confirm it before I order it:
I plan to dig into it later today and find it. I did find that Kia still allows us to view the service manual, which is fortunate and I know just how to get to it.
Well, I have to admit that I failed to get to the temp control actuator today. I removed the lower panel with little trouble, but the instructions tell you to remove the driver's side shower duct after loosening the screw at the bottom. That did not work, at all. I removed the screw, but no matter how I yanked, pulled, twisted or pried, it would not disconnect from the main heater housing, which you can barely see behind the dash. If anyone has done it, please share your method!
I disconnected the 12V battery while doing all this, and when I reconnected it everything seemed to work correctly and the code had cleared itself from the HVAC system.
So for now, I'll just see what happens in the coming days. :eek: