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Jan 7, 2021
Montgomery, AL
I just purchased a 2019 Kia Soul EV Base. I've been thinking about upgrading for awhile from my 2015 Nissan Leaf and just happened to find this Soul on Carvana. They seem to be quite rare so far and it was in my sweet spot of purchasing used 2-3 years old, like I did when I bought my Leaf in 2017. This was a 2-year lease turn-in, in almost perfect shape with just a few minor exterior scuff marks. I can't say enough good things about Carvana... the process was simple and they delivered the car from southern California to Alabama on schedule, and then took my trade-in, the Leaf.

I could not be happier with my new EV! Looking forward to putting many miles on this amazing vehicle.
We also just got a 2019 Soul EV Base vehicle. It's my wife's first EV Car I currently own a Tesla Y, but am very impressed with the Soul EV. It doesn't have a lot of range, so we use if for short jaunts and round the town errands.

Like you said, they were hard to come by,so we ended up using Carnamic, which is in Northern California.

Any cool features you care to share and also are you charging at home or using something like Electrify America?

I'm still loving my little Kia Soul... I have a fairly short commute to the office (22 miles round trip) and we have another vehicle (Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV), so the short range of the Soul is not an issue and since I had spent 4 years with a Leaf with around a 70mi range, the Soul is a big boost for me. Also, the battery is holding up well and I use SoulSpy on occasion to keep a handle on it's SOH.

I'm sure you'll get many miles of satisfaction out of your purchase and you are one of the rare folks that have a 2019 since not that many were made compared to earlier model years. One thing I would check is to install the latest infotainment update. The Kia website has an app to help with the update which includes the most recent map updates plus some UI updates. Also, when I purchased mine it still had a year left on the UVO free subscription, but I had to contact Kia to get them to reset it and switch it over to me.

So far, I've had two tire rotations and that is it maintenance-wise. If it holds up as well as my Leaf, the total cost per mile for this car will be amazing and buying it before the used car market went crazy was good timing, but totally by accident of course! We will probably get a Kia PHEV when we replace the Outlander, but so far that vehicle has been awesome as well.

I do charge at home as I have had a home EVSE in the garage when I bought the Leaf in 2017. We use it for my car and the Outlander and up to this point I've never had to charge away from home... it is Alabama, so not exactly progressive as far as chargers go, but there are more and more in the commercial areas (Target, Whole Foods, etc), so it is getting a little better.