request for expert review on this decision on purchase this high millage 2016 Soul EV

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Sep 1, 2019
- i ve to 3 choice to pickup either one , i manage to negociate price

1) 2016 - 113000 Km - presetent status car dashboard showing - 67% battery charged, and estimated range 53 KM
2) 2016 - 115000 Km - presetent status car dashboard showing - 63% battery charged, and estimated range 57 KM
3) 2016 - 136000 Km - full charge 100% it shows 176KM range ( VIN checked with KIA , they confirm HV battery + on borard charger replaced)

- i am getting really good deal on #1 . #2 , i ve to buy AS IS if battery fail i have opportunity under warraty before 160000 KM
for #3 which has new battery is asking more price almost $1000/$1200 aprox more ,

** all 3 car has exterior condtion are same but 8/10 so not gain that way

*** i didn't check SOH with Torque app yet , i add EV PID ( Thanks to JeJousol) , i ve ELM327 but never use on EV so not sure yet
** what custom PID i suppose to load on torque ?? kia Soul EV 27KW ? my only issue is CHECK HV battery at the time of purchase.

** what you expert suggest , should i go with lower millage as i have still 45K ? assuming its less abused on FAST DC charger ?? or pay 1000 more and go with new battery ? becasue i heard that they don't install new battery they just match 70% capacity with cell replacement ,

** thanks in advance , your expert suggestion welcome ,